COMMON SENSE at 2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting


COMMON SENSE will attend the forthcoming ASLO 2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting, presenting in session 137 - Next Generation In Situ Sensors for Aquatic Systems

Recent advances in sensing technologies, observations systems and analyses through miniaturization, improved sensors and advances in on-board and external data processes offer significant opportunities for a new generation of capabilities. Aquatic sensors use a range of techniques from optical (e.g. optical fibers, hyperspectral imaging, optodes, spectroscopy), wet chemical, electrochemical, biosensors, and to acoustics. Measurements include physical properties (e.g., T, S), nutrients, trace metals, carbonate, pCO2, pH, oxygen, gas fluxes, organics and biological properties. In addition, challenges common to all sensor development such as their integration onto multiple platforms and instruments (observatories, autonomous underwater vehicles, remotely operated vehicles) and biofouling must be addressed. This session will present some of the latest developments in this important field combining technology, engineering, chemistry, biology and physics. 

The meeting will be held on 22-27 February 2015 in Granada, Spain and is still accepting abstract submissions. If you would like to attend or submit an abstract you can find out more information here


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