Sensor Profiles


Four technical sensor profiles were developed at the end of the project, providing technical detail and outlining the highlights of each sensor. These profiles were created with commercial stakeholders in mind, and particular emphasis was placed on the identification of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of each sensor, providing stakeholders with important information in a short and easy to understand format.

The four Sensor Profiles available are:

COMMON SENSE Microplastics Analyzer and Mini Sea Sampling System (MISS) - please click on image to download: 

Snapshot of MP.MISS Sensor Profile


COMMON SENSE Smart Sensor Unit (SSU) and Web Platform- please click on image to download

 Snapshot of WP.SSU Sensor Profile


COMMON SENSE Underwater Noise Sensor and Reference Sensors- please click on image to download

 Snapshot of Noise.reference Sensor Profile

COMMON SENSE Eutrophication Sensor and Heavy Metals Sensor- please click on image to download

Snapshot of Eutrop.Metals Sensor Profile

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