COMMON SENSE Represented at “Water: The Greatest Global Challenge”

Dublin City University (DCU) researchers Dr Margaret Mc Caul and Eoghan McNamara represented the COMMON SENSE project at the international DCU Water Institute Conference, entitled “Water: The Greatest Global Challenge”, held at DCU's Innovation Campus on 27-28 November 2014.

The aim of the two-day conference was to bring together leaders in R&D along with key stakeholders to address water challenges and discuss the key drivers and solutions for the water industry.

COMMON SENSE is an EC-funded project that aims to provide a cost effective reliable sensing platform for in-situ measurements of key parameters relating to eutrophication, contaminants, marine litter and underwater noise. The project will design and develop new generation sensors focused on the detection of: nutrient analytes by utilising established colorimetric chemistries for phosphate, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite; low concentrations of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc and copper); surface concentration of micro plastics; and underwater noise.

Dr Mc Caul and Mr McNamara presented a poster at the water conference which focused on the development of an autonomous sensor as part of the COMMON SENSE project for the in-situ detection of nutrients, using colorimetric chemistries for nitrite and nitrate. Nutrients such as phosphate, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are central in many environmental processes within the marine environment, including several microbial, plant and animal metabolic processes. The research included the development and use of a novel bench top system that allows each individual component to be tested prior to integration into the deployable system.

Capture of DCU poster

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