New COMMON SENSE Progress Update 2015 Factsheet now available

COMMON SENSE is successfully developing prototypes for innovative, next generation sensing technologies that will be a key tool for EU Member States in meeting their Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) requirements.

A new 2015 Progress Update factsheet is now available which specifically focuses on how COMMON SENSE sensors will contribute to improving marine monitoring and marine data management. The factsheet provides general project information and objectives as well as an infographic which shows for the project development timeline alongside a timeline for MSFD implementation.

Sensors being developed by the COMMON SENSE project will increase the availability of standardised data on: eutrophication; concentrations of heavy metals; micro plastic fraction within marine litter; underwater noise; and other parameters such as temperature, pH and pressure. These cost-effective sensors directly respond to current marine monitoring challenges and will be a key tool for EU Member States in meeting their MSFD requirements and achieving Good Environmental Status (GES).

The factsheet has been designed to appeal to a non-expert audience. It can be viewed and downloaded here.

For further information about COMMON SENSE, please contact COMMON SENSE Scientific Coordinator Sergio Martinez (

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